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    16" Round Shower Head (400mm)
    R2 950.00 R1 250.00
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    Crystal Polish (800x800mm)
    R249.00 R198.00
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    V1200 Vanity (1200x460x510mm)
    R8 500.00 R6 950.00
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    Super White (800x800mm)
    R279.00 R229.00
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    Double Towel Rack - FLAT
    R3 800.00 R3 250.00
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    Marfil (800x800mm)
    R329.00 R289.00
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    Carara (800x800mm)
    R329.00 R289.00
January 26th, 2015 in category Tips and Tricks
Grout is quite a porous material, despite the fact that it’s strong and very durable. It can stand up to a lot of the same heavy impact that your tiles endure. However, grout will pick up stains from substances that you just wash off the surrounding tiles.
January 26th, 2015 in category Tips and Tricks
If the water pipes in your home make a noise whenever they’re turned on, it’s important to check out what the issue is as soon as possible. In most cases, the banging, clanging or rattling is a loose pipe knocking against something else. However, if it’s something more serious, the sooner you fix it the better.